Thursday, February 01, 2007

Video: Documentary: PNAC/Neocon Crusades - World According to Bush

Notes from this section of the documentary: Bush thought God spoke to him, saying "Prepare yourself I have a mission for you." so he stopped drinking and stopped philandering.

Bush" "I am invested with a divine mission to promote a Biblical world view in the Policy carried out by the USA out"

Bush: "Heaven is open only to those who accept Jesus Christ."

The Christian Coalition of America supports Israel because they believe it is a step towards the ultimate victory of Christianity, since the Jews are considered spiritually blind for their rejection of Jesus. After a final battle between good and evil many Jews will convert to Christianity and all non be livers will be dammed and perish.

Ariel Sharon (at the time of the the documentary) had been received by President Bush 9 times for private meetings, which is more than any other leader in the world.

We treat Israel better than we treat most American States.

-posted by Paul Grant (follower of Basho)

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