Sunday, February 25, 2007

New Post

Iraq War News & History  has about 300 post covering the time prior to the US invasion to the present: There is a lot of interesting material here- news, videos, documentaries, television interviews, documents, music videos, book reviews... These are recent additions and some highlights.
New post include:

The documentary "The Road to Guantanamo" 

has just (this moment 2/24/07) won Best Documentary at the Independent Spirit Awards. Watch the complete documentary and an interview with the directors. The complete documentary;

Walter Reed Hospital:
In an incredible job of reporting, Washington Post found that many of the injured returning vets were being kept in poor conditions at Walter Reed Hospital. Several post cover this story:

;#1Tony Snow dodging reporters on the subject at a press conference.

#2A video interview with the Washington Post reporter Dana Priest And a bonus video of Kieth Obermann's take on the situation from MNBC News

#3The mistreatment of our wounded soldiers at Walter Reed Hospital Two videos focus on the special report on the bad conditions our returning injured soldiers must face at the Walter Reed Hospital as reported in a Washington Post article.

#4 A blogger post from by John in DC 2/17/2007 on ttp:// and a copy of the Washington post piece

Republicans misdirect their Slow Bleed rhetoric

 Bush's Iraq 'surge' plan leads to massive implosion of bloody turmoil.

Condoleezza Rice in Baghdad More than just covering Condi's surprise visit- this piece covers the current situation.

Bombs Explode & Accusations Fly : US - Iran War Ratchets Up a Few notches.

Bin Laden returns to the misdirected Rhetoric of the War on Terror

Notes from Media Roundtable With Secretary Of Defense Robert Gates. The media asks questions of the new Defense Secretary- these are his answers.

House votes against troop surge in Iraq & Tim Ryan's speech
This historic no confidence vote and, in my opinion, one of the best speakers in the Debate

23 Administration Officials Involved In Plame Leak
- a great article from Think Progress- a lot of interesting details.

Hilary Clinton did not support Bush's attack on Iraqsome people are trying to smear Senator and Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton about her pre-war position. however on close inspection her opinion seems to have been correct. She did not support the President pre emptive strike, but rather wanted Collin Powell to continue his efforts towards a diplomatic solution. Shame on all those who publish un-truths about this. 

Other highlights: 

Neil Young
Protest music is back with Neil Young's 2006 release, 'Living With War', featuring many great songs/ideas including this one,"Let's Impeach The President". Here we have an interview with Neil Young and a video of that song.

Impeach the President: recent books that outline how this can be possible. 

The Documentary: The Power of Nightmares A documentary about neoconservatives and radical Islamic by the BBC.

The Ehren Watada Story- We have the story of the mistrial, a short video of the case, and an interview. This is the soldier who refused to be deployed to Iraq.

;An incredible video of a Haliburton Truck being ambushed in IraqVideo: 

Explicit : Saddam Hussein's Execution

A very good 4 part documentary on the Neocons

The entire award winning Documentary Iraq for Sale

Added into past archives:Joe Wilson's Op-Ed for New York Times - This is the piece that started the outing of the CIA agent Vallery Plame and caused the LibbyTrial that is going on now.

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