Thursday, February 08, 2007

John Kerry: Set A Deadline

An email from John Kerry:

Dear Paul,

As you know I'm not leading a campaign for the presidency in 2008. Instead I have chosen to campaign to end the war in Iraq and protect America.

Yesterday I stood up with a remarkable group of Iraq war veterans who are speaking out because they believe the best way to support the troops is to change a course that squanders their lives. When brave patriots suffer and die because of the incompetence of mere politicians, the only patriotic choice is to demand change.

These veterans offered a profile in courage.

The Senate this week provided a profile in politics -- Republicans blocking even a vote up or down, one way or another on a bi-partisan resolution opposing the Bush escalation.

This has to end.

Republicans refuse even to go on record over the Bush escalation. We need to escalate the pressure for a policy change.

That's why I am introducing legislation that will again set a firm one-year deadline for the redeployment of most American troops from Iraq.

If you agree it is time to set a deadline, come to and become a citizen co-sponsor of the legislation.

In addition to setting a deadline, my legislation includes key recommendations of the Iraq Study Group, many of which we have been advocating for some time. It will:

launch a major diplomatic initiative, the only hope for a sustainable resolution in Iraq
enforce a series of benchmarks to hold Iraqis accountable for meeting key political objectives
change the American military mission to training Iraqi security forces and counter-terrorism operations
maintain an over the horizon presence to protect American regional interests.
Learn more about the legislation at:

Now that a new Democratic Congressional majority has convened in the U.S. Capitol, a deadline must be set. The President must respect the real needs of our troops and the will of the American people.

Step by step, we will ensure that he does.

Co-sign the legislation:

Thank you,

John Kerry

P.S. This weekend I will continue to speak out about changing course in Iraq. Please tune in to the Democratic radio address on Saturday and to my interview on "This Week with George Stephanopoulos" Sunday morning.

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