Thursday, February 01, 2007

Video Documentary- Part 4 on the Neocons

1. With Hans Blix out of the way all that was necessary was to prove that Saddam was trying to buy enriched Uranium.
.. The information had to come from an irreproachable source.
3. The white house put foreward the name of Joe Wilson a friend of the Bush family.(he donated money to Bush I)
4. Joe Wilson was the last US diplomat to meet with Saddam Hussein and had been decorated for his bravery during the first Gulf war by Bush I.
5. The CIA contacted Mr. Wilson to go to Africa- He said he would only go as a representative of the US government and not as a representative of the CIA.
6. Wilson learned that Africa were not in contact with Saddam and that no Uranium had been given or sold to him. After returning and reporting this to the White House...
7. Bush during his State of the Union speech sighted this rumour and said that it was true.
8.Joe Wilson was upset because the White House used this misinformation as the basis of going to war against a soviern nation.
9. Wilson writes an OP- Ed piece in the Washington Post about his experience
10. So someone in the White House (Libby, Rove or Cheney) contacted their friendly news reporters and said that Joe Wilson's wife is a CIA agent and she sent her husband to the country of Niger. THIS IS A FEDERAL CRIME TO EXPOSE UNDERCOVER CIA OPERATIVES, and not only that- it was totally untrue.
11. Robert Novack publishes the false story first.

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