Monday, April 16, 2007

The Rebel Cleric in Iraq breaks from the coolition government

The young cleric leader Muqtada al-Sadr, whom the US doesn't like, is pulling his party's 6 ministers out of Iraqis coalition government.

Sadr us doing this primarily to protest against the continuing US presence in the country.

Iraq's prime minister Nuri al-Maliki and Nuri al-Maliki are both Shia. Maliki's government has in the past protected Sadr and his private army. Recently he warned Sardr that his military would suffer the fate of any private militia in the door to door sweep lead by the Americans in Baghdad. Sadr was said to have fled to Iran and his forces were not encountered by the occupation forces during searches.

Sadr is back. Last week, tens of thousands of Iraqis answered a call by Sadr to rally in Najaf to protest against the presence of about 140,000 US-led troops in Iraq.

The sentiment in Iraq against the US lead occupation has increased during the recent US surge that has brought the US military and Iraq police into door to door searches for the rebellious.

Sadr is leading the rhetoric drive to `let the Iraqi's have their country back'. However, by his move of leaving his party's legitimate and powerful political place in the country's government, makes him more of a rouge dissident, for whom the US to attack.

The Bush administrations orchestrated plans for some of Iraqi oil fields to be developed by outside interest needs protection. The US will protect these independent oil developers so that the price and delivery of oil will not be determined by political agendas of the Middle Eastern countries.

While a majority in the US want a timetable for US troop withdrawal, the reality will be that the US will always hold a substantial military presence in Iraq as long as their are private oil producing firms there.

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