Monday, July 16, 2007

A Solution to the War in Iraq offered on Ebay

3PM Central Standard Time

Current high Bid = $6,100.00

81 bids

Among the bootleg albums, second-hand golf clubs and bargain linens on Internet auction site eBay, lot 150141399174 is perhaps more likely to attract the attention of the Pentagon.

"A Solution to the War in Iraq," is being offered by a US Army intelligence officer fed up with the conflict and anxious to attract some attention to what he says is a viable and face-saving solution to the four-year-old conflict.

"I am offering the winning bidder the solution to the war in Iraq," the seller, identified as "cptnabil," says in the bid.

"This is not a flippant or facetious offer... If you are the high bidder, I will send you a viable solution to the conflict in which we are currently engaged," the seller wrote.

The New York Post on Monday identified the seller as Army Captain Thad Krasnesky, who describes himself on eBay as a US Army military intelligence officer with an extensive background in the Middle East.

"I speak the language and understand the culture, history, and religion, well enough to construct a fair, honorable, and successful plan."

Cptnabil says he served in both the Gulf War and Iraq in military intelligence and had been involved in planning over 400 combat operations ranging from "terrorist cell take-downs to single-handed arms market raids."

"I disagree with the way the war is being handled," Krasnesky told The Post. "I think we're doing some good things over there but I think the end result is going to be bad."

Cptnabil did not immediately respond to email requests from AFP to confirm his identity.

Among potential bidders were senators, congressmen or possible presidential candidates, cptnabil wrote, suggesting to aides: "Maybe you should get everyone at the office to chip in and purchase my solution for them."

The lot comes with a buy-it-now price tag of five million dollars and if not sold will go to the highest bidder when the auction ends on Sunday.

The top bid around midday Monday was 20.50 dollars from a buyer whose most recent other bids were for gun parts, knives and military memorabilia.

A competing buyer had recently bid for women's shoes and unidentified body piercing accessories.
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