Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Hillary Clinton ::"The American military has succeeded,"

Sen. Hillary Clinton was was enthusiastically received this morning at the Take Back America conference, sponsored by the lefty activist group Campaign for America's Future here in Washington.

At this same conference last year, Sen. Clinton was booed for her position on the war in Iraq.

This morning, as she bashed the Bush administration — the crowd thunderously applauded her.

"We're going to end the war in Iraq and finally bring home the troops," she said

Sen. Clinton declared, "The American military has done its job,"

Sen. Clinton raised her voice. "The American military has succeeded," she said, to more boos. "It is the Iraqi government that has failed to make the tough decisions."

At that point, there was a round of cheers. "I love coming here every year," Clinton said. "I see the signs, 'Get Us Out of Iraq Now.' That's what we're trying to do."

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