Friday, March 09, 2007

Iraqi refugees leaving / Palestinian Refugees comming in.

This comes from Iraqi Government (translated to English by them) and is not completely clear. But it deals with the fact that many Iraqis have become misplaced do to the war and have become refugees. Iraq wishes to work with the UN helping these people.

What is also interesting is that Iraq is playing host to many Palestinian refugees, and proudly so.

It does not seem that housing Palestinian Refugees would be in the best interest for Iraq as it deals with sectarian violence, and the need to secure borders from outside militants.

Refugee camps often become breeding grounds for violent dissent. The type of dissent that probably would be aimed at Israel. For the US to allow an anti-Israel sentiment, such is held by sistering Iran would be a foreign policy disaster.

FM Zebari Meets UN High Commissioner for Refugees in Cairo

Mr. Hoshyar Zebari, Minister of Foreign Affairs, met on 3 March with Mr. Antonio Guterres , the UN High Commissioner for Refugees Affairs.

During the meeting, the issue of the Iraqi emigrants and displaced persons and the necessity for common cooperation with the Iraqi government and the Commission to address the conditions of these Iraqis were discussed.

Mr. Zebari expressed his appreciation for the Commission's noble mission. He urged the organization to have a presence and work in Iraq so that its efforts inside Iraq will be greater than when outside. He pointed out that most emigrants wish to return home in case that security is provided. Mr. Zebari stressed that the Iraqi government will make all possible efforts to help the Commission through Iraq's cooperation with the commission or by providing services for the Iraqi emigrants via the Iraqi embassies and issuing the necessary documents for them.

Concerning the Palestinian refugees in Iraq, Mr. Zebari said that the government had discussed recently this issue with the Palestinian National Authority clarifying that "Palestinians are our family and they are like the Iraqis facing similar terrorist acts and the security measures". He added that the Iraqi government is committed to the Palestinians, declining that any other Arab country would host them instead of Iraq and provide to them with the suitable conditions

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