Saturday, February 11, 2006

Video: Documentary :The Neocon Agenda

Notes from this video:

1. Neocons were the d riving force for war agenda in middle East- Iraq, Iran & Syria
2. Neocons are closely tied to Israel right wing
3. Goal was/is to weaken and destabilize Israels enemies- internal-Palestinians- and external enemies,
4. All were looking for a comprehensive solution for Israel's needs.
5. Iraq hasd been a key geostrategic spot that for that purpose of destabalizing Palestinian support.
6. Neocons tried to promote the idea that it wasn't only Israel in danger, but also the US.
7. Cheney brought the neocons into the Administration in 2001- Cheney was a member of Jewish Institute for National Security affairs and he and his wife were in Neocon organizations(like PNAC)
8. Collin Powell was one of the people who stood against military aggression against Iraq - prior to 9/11
9. Bush was a convert after 9/11
10. The plan was already prepared to attack Iraq- so all that needed to be done was create a compelling reason = weapons of mass destruction.

posted by Paul Grant (follower of Basho)

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