Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Soldiers Try to Beat the Back-Door Draft!

A Class Action Lawsuit is being filed to Defend Troops Under Stop-Loss!

Any soldiers presently in Iraq or home on leave who are under Stop Loss Orders:
A class action lawsuit is being brought by the Center for Constitutional Rights on behalf of GIs stationed in Iraq who are under Stop Loss Orders.

If you want to join on to the Class Action lawsuit against Stop Loss, please contact Staughton Lynd immediately at 330-652-9635 SALYND@aol.com

The Center for Constitutional Rights will file a lawsuit in federal district court for the District of Columbia on Monday December 6, requesting an injunction hearing December 9th or 10th.
If you or a family member can attend the press conference on December 6th, please contact Staughton Lynd or CCR, 212-614-6464.posted 22 november 2004

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